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Morning Musing: an interaction between siblings.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

This morning, as the sound of Jasmine shouting across the hall fills this space, I’m smiling. With every “Peaky,” Ocean jumps up, squeals and bashes my legs. They both have different agendas and are both interacting in the same experience but they both perceive things differently based on their own ideas of what’s happening. Jasmine wants Ocean to come to her and is lightly frustrated. Ocean wants Jasmine to run back across the hall and into the room to keep on at tickling her - her laughs are in expectation of that.

And here I lay - in between the both of them. Watching, eyes darting back and forth, and I’m smiling. I’m laughing even. It’s the purest form of connection. That of two small siblings. And there’s so much complexity to it.

I’m just grateful to be able to experience it, that same moment in time, from a third perspective - with my very own ideas.


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