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Support and Advice about NICU and Caring for Multiples by DoulaShell

Recently I was asked for advice about something I knew very little about.

"Hello, do you have any articles on twins/multiples or NICU? I am a first time mum to twins born prematurely resulting in a stay in neonatal. It would be lovely to see posts which includes these experiences too. Thanks 😃"

and I responded.

Hello queen! How are you getting on? Is everything okay I personally don’t have any articles on this just because I haven’t lived this experience HOWEVER I absolutely agree that I can offer information on this. I’ll ask my wonderful community and they’ll have some support content and or sign posting for you. Sending you love x

Although it is not my lived experience, which I can confidently and professionally speak on, I believe that as an mum-influencer of hearts and minds, my influence doesn't begin and end with what I know. So in this article I am handing over the mic to mama's who know a lot more than I do on the topic. My favourite resources are people's personal stories and experiences and I believe that we can learn so much when we look at navigating how others before us have done it.

So here are some of the mother's in my wonderful community, coming through with so much value, information and support! Thank you all always, for being such a network and a force to be reckoned with. I appreciate you.


Twin mama Michelle, who is also a Doula @doulashell online and physically based in Bath, UK shared this:

I post quite a lot about twins and NICU @doulashell, but some other wonderful people to follow who talk about NICU and twins:

Layla sharing stories about her Twins & Baby 10 months Apart, Premature birth & NICU

Carl MacDonald, a dad of twin boys born at 27 weeks and who spent 9 weeks on NICU.

Dr Frankie Harrison NICU Clinical Psychologist she/her

A Community for NICU Parents

Letters, Education, and Encouragement for the Past and Present NICU Mama.

Rebecca Roberts, Mum of 4 to Superfetation Toddler Twins

Twin Mum Lifestyle

Shakira Akabusi, Women's Health Advocate, Pre & Postnatal specialistPublic Speaker | TV Personality | Author

Georgia, Podcaster and Working Twin Mum

Tina, Mama to 3 and Twin Diarist

She could join @multipalstogether it’s a peer support page.

With a very important heads up / TW: Just inform her to be careful this week as it’s the end of baby loss week, so a lot of these pages will be talking about this with regards to NICU and twins, she may want to wait til next week to follow.

Hope that helps ❤️❤️

You can access support, information and workshops with Michelle at her website: DoulaShell .

more resources:

Twins Trust

Provide families expecting twins, triplets or more with information and support. Also raises money and funds new research.

Helpline 0800 138 0509

BLISS - For babies born too soon, too small, too sick

Family support helpline - 0500 618 140

Mothership by Francesca Segal

A memoir/diary of a mother of twin girls born early

My Prem Baby by Tommy’s App

Premature baby tracker for parents

Have a wonderful weekend

Michelle 🐚❤️

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