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Inclusive Black Children’s Books: Black Boy’s Books

My knees are pressed into the girl's pink fluffy rug. I'm rummaging through their book box. I'm looking through their black children’s books specifically for you guys.

One of you asked if I had any suggestions for black children’s books specifically for boys and I realised that I had never considered books specifically for boys. Other than the beautiful collection of books by little people, big dreams which are a series of books about inspiring, famous people and their story up from childhood through to adulthood and beyond. It's truly a phenomenal series of books with some great one from black boys we have and love are:

This has happened probably because I’m a girl mama, (not considering books specifically for black boys) but I’m grateful for the question and so open to seeking out things that’s don’t directly relate to my family experience. I think we all should be open in that way in order to create positive change, understanding and acceptance of one another.

I've had a look around the internet and now to find books with black boy or non gendered child main characters. So below there is a list of books I’ve just placed an order for, that came up in a search for books specifically for boys. I’m going to update each one with a review once they’ve arrived and we’ve read them.

As I really want this to be a positive community effort, if you’ve any books you’d like to recommend or if you’ve read any of these and are keen to share your review please DM it to me entitled ‘children’s book review’ and I’ll get it uploaded / updated here with your credits too!

So Much by Trish Cooke and Helen Oxenbury

Follow Your Dreams Little One by Vashti Harrison

Zozo Afro The boy who is very proud of his afro hair by Chuz Baba

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Freedom We Sing by Amyra León and Molly Mendoza

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