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The passage way to God is through Christ.

So in my last article I wrote about ways of finding faith in everyday. I dissected and brought together the ways in which we are all connected to God already. How we are trying to find Him in different ways through different pursuits of the heart and I finished up by saying Christ is the Only Way.

Powerful statement; I know.

I'm not going to lie to you, I really didn't want to say it. For a really really long time I didn't want to believe it. But it is true, Christ is the only way.


Because God has spoken to hummankind ever since the beginning of Human Kind. He spoke directly to Adam and Even and Cain and Able, and Abraham and Sarah and a whole bunch of other people we don not know. Some of them wrote about their experiences, just as I write now, some of them only heard God speak into their hearts.

Well, to give the gist, through thousands of years of growth and transformation, long distance travel, a mixing of peoples, trade and international trade, violence, enslavement, lies, hidden truths, deceitful kings, drunken parents, traumatised children and physical fights - to name just a few, the world and their focus on God had changed. People are more focused with survival, staying safe, making money, and convenience than they are on God. They're then more inclined to focus on no-God - which does no-one any favours, it just makes them scared really. And to live a life where your focus is fear means that your focused on no-God.

This does not mean that God no longer exists, it just means that it's harder for God to communicate with his people. Because God does not force and instead He waits in the peace and quiet, when you feel safe and comfortable to speak into our hearts, if we do not have a sense of safety, peace or quiet it becomes near impossible to meet God.

So instead we have more encounters with no-God and life, our choices and relationship to others declines into negativity.

So what has Christ got to do with being the way back to God?

I'm so glad you asked.

Christ is the Child of God that was conceived of God. It's incredible, I know, and a little heard to believe if this is new to you. Be God had a women impregnanted with his Child. So Jesus has no biological father. His Father is God.

Jesus lived a life going through the motions of humanness or humanity, at a time where there where many evil people; people who operate in no-God mode most of the time. Just like today really. Lot's of denial of God, lot's of confusion, lot's of fighting and opposition. To the point where these people where capable of bullying, beating, verbally abusing, and even killing Him.

Even as Jesus was so beaten and dying, He never said a bad word back to them, Jesus only continued to bless them. And then He died and was buried.

Bare with me, because it gets even more mind bending!

Are you ready.

He comes back to life

Jesus comes back to life and is walking around like it's casual.

People who saw Jesus die, see Him again and cannot believe their eyes. They only believe when they see the holes and in hands and know that it is JESUS JESUS, like Jesus Christ! The actual messiah who said what he said and was not wrong.

Being the Son of God Jesus left them again to go be with God in the spiritual realm, preserving his body for us to use. To remember. To come to God through.

It's so miraculous it almost doesn't make any sense. but read that again and again, pray to God to make it make sense to you.

When Jesus said, there in no way to the Father except through ME, he meant it. But no-one could understand that until now. Until the aftermath of His death and resurrection, coming back to life.

So we can come back to life in God by believing that story and the more we believe the more we thank God and the more God shows us who He is and who He created us to be.

One thing we are commanded to do, is to 'Love Thy Neighbour' and that is because Love is God; just like Peace is, just like Faith is.

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