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Find Faith Everyday!

It's 8:57am on a cold and bright day in January 1st 2024.

I am grateful for three things.

Number one, my my friends who have been so patient and have not heard for me in weeks, some of them years.

Number two, my family, If I really think about it, they truly are amazing.

And number three, my new found faith.

I'm a believer in all things good,

I'm a girl, now, all things God.

I'm in a state for all things I am grateful.

Beacause, when I really think about it, there are evidence of God's signature all over the world.

Having found my feet in faith again, I realised that what I had previously been doing was trusting in my self. But God being reality, has a symbiotic Nature with us, within which we need to trust in Him. It's something so obvious and EVERYBODY is talking about it!

Everybody KNOWS. innately, because it is build within us. Everybody knows and everybody in their own way is trying to get into it. But lots of people don't know how, because they dont really know what He is.

I personally don't like to use 'him' as the pronoun for God, but it is how the faith with which I most closely understand and identify who use it most, that faith is Christianity.

God is God.

Not Him.

Not Her.

Not one's earthly conceptualisation of God.

But God.

Pure and holy and faithful. Earnest, and compassionate and kind. God is every good thing, from the sounds of the bird song to the artwork crafted within the stems of the flowers that we cannot see unless we have the eyes of |G|od or a superb telescope.

Watch this video.

God is God and the creator of the powerful Law of Attraction.

God is the generosity in one's heart when they give a stranger a gift.

God is the Peace found in Yoga.

God is the community found in Islam.

God is the safety and protection of peaceful indigenous tribes found in the wilderness.

God is the warmth between a mother and her child and the perfect food is produced in the secret of her bosom only for this season.

God is in the bliss of creating a piece of art.

God is in the smile at yourself when you surprise someone with a good thing.

And if God exists and is every good thing, I need to make it known that the opposite of God, no-God, exists and is every bad thing. Just like at the core of all creation within the tiniest atom, you find protons and neutrons, even in the greatest, grandest corners of outer space you find light and dark, so within every level of existence.

If you read Ecclesiates in the Bible, like I have done, you will find a passage that read:

'to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun.'

'a time to be born and a time to die'

'a time to plant and a time to uproot.'

etc. this is because there is God and there is no-God.

Within God, we have established that there is peace and love, flow and harmony, friendship and more love. With no-God there is the opposite. There is hatred, blockage and chaos, separation and fear.

Those things exists.

EVERYBODY is talking about it.

no-God is in the confusion found in decision making.

no-God is the fighting found in opposing beliefs.

no-God is the fear an anxiety found in the cities and on the estate across the block.

no-God is the coldness of lying alone and helplessly in need and no mother comes.

no-God is in the fear of judgement.

no-God is the frown you give yourself when you look yourself in the mirror and don't look like something else.

If you can have an open mind, you will be able to see evidence of both God and no-God every day. If you really think about it, you do have your very own balance of God and no-God in your own life. The essence of finding faith is through noticing God and goodness everyday while also noticing no-God moments and occurrences everyday but choosing not to focus on that and instead of opting to focus on and trust God, again and again and again.

That is the life of faith and openness that I have been blessed with because I looked for a way, I asked my questions and God came to show me. Now I notice both the God and the no-God and I am getting better and better at leaning in on God, through Christ who allows access to God.

(If that is a little bit complicated to understand, ask me to clarify and I'll write what I understand that passage way through Christ to God means.)

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