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My books are a way for me to communicate the realness of our every day lives in a way that we can see it as a truly beautiful and divine experience. 


In Solidarity: poetry and prose I share the beauty that comes in waves of beauty and gratitude but also the beauty of accepting and acknowledging the darker emotions and harnessing the power within those moments. 


In Truths: I am important and other affirmations I tell the story of our beauty a new perspective; one that focuses on our human nature as good enough. This is a soothing picture book for parents and children to enjoy together during quiet time, or as a bedtime story. 


In Moments for Me: a journal for gratitude and self love, I guide you through the practices I have adapted and created for myself over the last 10 years. With a few minutes of focused time on appreciating yourself, acknowledging and setting your intentions and releasing any worries you can and will change your life for the better with this journal. 

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Compelling, heartbreaking, and uplifting, Solidarity closely explores the invisible realities of motherhood, poetically.

Solidarity: Poetry and Prose

I’ve written Solidarity for women to know that they are not alone in the emotions and experiences they face after becoming a mother. The book is sectioned into four collections; Fluctuations, Perspectives, Gratitude and Solidarity. Each section will move you through the book as if on a journey and open up a conversation around some of the more taboo topics that we rarely discuss as a society.

Feel free to share individual poems with loved ones if you need to open up about how you feel but you’re not sure how.

I hope that the vivid descriptions in these pages will help mothers, mothers-to-be and loved ones to understand that these feelings, as difficult as they are, are normal and common and they do not last forever. Whether you read through this book chronologically or you dip in and out occasionally, I hope that you find solace in Solidarity.

I wrote most of these poems during times of intense emotion and at the time I never intended to share them with the world, but here we are. As I have begun sharing I’ve learned and I believe that many of you will resonate with the emotions present in this book and I hope it will help you to work through and enjoy your journey.

Truths: I Am Important And Other Affirmations

My hope with this book is to teach my daughters that without being, doing or having anything in particular they are just as important, useful, beautiful, strong and bright as nature is.

Affirmations are a great way to remind ourselves and our children of who we really are. With children's books we all know just how many times we get read the same books over and over again (haha). The repetition of reading and re-reading this book with our children will leave have a long-lasting positive impact on their beliefs about themselves.

If we can teach our children early enough that they are important, they will grown up feeling empowered. It is my belief that empowered people empower people, so with this I hope our small moments of reading will ripple out to have a greater impact on the world at large.

Finally, reading this book at bedtime or first thing in the morning means that our brains are operating at a level which allows our subconscious mind to receive these affirmations as truths much easier (which is great for us as we reads these words aloud and claim these truths for ourselves too).

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A serene bedtime book for children and their caregivers. The affirmations and the calming imagery make reading even more empowering. Truths reflects the truth that each and everyone of us is good enough, just like the sun, moon, stars, seas and all the other beautiful elements of nature.

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A journal to help you find joy in your life as it is. A safe space for you to write and find the power within yourself right where you are.

Moments for Me: A Gratitude Journal

As they say, like attracts like and the more we focus on the positive things in our lives, even little, tiny everyday joys, the more we will find ourselves noticing them in the moment. In turn, the more we find ourselves feeling good more often everyday.

This journal is designed to really help you create and reflect on each day. The focus of this journal is gratitude and self love.

These pages will serve as a beautiful reminder for the positivity that is present in your life already. Looking back on positive memories and expressing gratitude is a good way to visualise and create what you would like to experience more of in the future.

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