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When They Met

When they met, she had already swam in many open waters. She had jumped out of ships into the Mediterranean Sea, jumped from Canadian land and into Canadian waters, off a bridge on a high way and swam with shoals of fish under an Asian waterfall.

She was a mermaid.

He was a knight with a shining personality, looking out at sea, wondering things and mulling them over. He was content and he never had any interest in exploring her waters. He never expected to meet her when he did, but when he did, he had to venture out into the water to get her attention.

It didn't help that he was afraid of the water - but for her, he was willing.

He took a deep breath and began to move through the water. He would have call it drowning, but she saw it and called it - walking through the anxiety and the water.

He was willing to face this new environment and that was daring enough for her, to swim closer to the sure and make babies with him.

Now, they had babies, girls, merbabies, who loved the water as much as their mother did.

He still wasn't so fond, but he was getting used to it.


Wild Swimming is fast becoming a new hobby of ours on sunny days. Jasmine loves to plunge right in the water, while Ocean likes to dip her toes and then be carried. She's a lot like Bola in that sense, but soon enough she'll be right in there too - if I have it my way (which I always do - hehe).

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