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True Freedom and How To Find It

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

True freedom lies beyond the labels. Most of us are boxed in by labels and social beliefs that seek to contain and constrain the wildness of our human spirit.

Human’s are so diverse. Too diverse for all of us to have the same paths, education, behaviours and expectations placed upon us.

But we accept and grow to find comfort in the cage, in the system, in following the ways of everyone else; never giving a moments thought to what life on our own terms might look like.

We look at those outside of the cage, those living alternative lifestyles and we call them weird, scary, extreme. Each time we do, we box ourselves in even further. We pull back from the possibility of exploring our own alternative lifestyles.

It’s time to awaken ourselves to what we value personally.

To break free from the cage you have to undergo a rebellious phase. It is the only way that can lead to transformation, change, freedom and fulfilment.

You say the things you do for a reason.

You feel the things you do for a reason.

You deserve to express and explore these things safely. Anyone or anything who comes in the way of that is limiting your freedom to be yourself.

It takes courage and distance from religion, traditions, the way it’s always been and even people. We really feel we have to stay within the confines of what’s expected of us, to be acceptable.

But it is okay to break free.

It is okay to leave.

It is okay to change.

It is necessary to change.

The best way to finding your freedom is to start by making a list of everything and everyone limits your freedom to be yourself in any way.

It might be an unwritten rule within your work place; it might be a partner who always tries to correct or control your behaviour; it might be friends or family who criticise you when you do or say particular things, it might even be a society which belittles you when you express yourself in a particular way.

Once you have made your list try to think of possible strategies to deal with each issue. It doesn’t have to be done overnight or in a big tumultuous way.

You can have a conversation with your partner in which you talk about the issue, talk to your bosses at work and express how the unwritten rules affect you. You can even distance yourself from the friends and family who criticise you and make you feel small and find a new circle of people who will accept you just as you are. You might even look into moving away from the society that will not allow you to be yourself and finding refuge in one that will.

You can do these things.

You should do these things.

One thing is guaranteed - there is life outside of life-as-you-know-it, and the only way you can ever experience it is if you venture out, set sail and explore new territory, new ways and new places to be you.

You no longer need to hide who you are, you need to break out of this, herd based prison that says you should be, do or have a particular thing. Instead chase after your dreams, explore and express who you truly are.

Be free.

True Freedom = Main Character Energy!

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