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The Whispers and The Whirlwinds: overcoming anxiety.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

“Right now I just feel super stressed out and tense,” she said. She picked up her phone and wrote a text message to the person she trusted the most - herself.

She continued. “I am doing things. Things that I put off once upon a time. Things I always planned to get back to. Things that cause me to feel the fear. But I am doing them anyway. Finally, doing them anyway because I’m fed up of feeling so stuck.”


“Thanks for reaching out, babe.” Came the reply. “You know what I’m going to say already though, don’t you? I’m going to say, Chaneen, that you are protected and guided by the universe. God has made it so that when you speak, you are saying exactly the right amount. Exactly at the right time. Your tone, pitch and vocabulary is completely guided. You are free to be completely yourself and the people and situations that are aligned with you in all of your authenticity, will align.”

The people and situations that aren’t aligned, will not! And that is how it is mean to go. There is no amount of stressing or worrying that can change that.

You can be both a model and a writer, a mother and a free spirit. You can let it rip and reign it in, you can be both a whisper and a whirlwind and that is what you are. All of it embodied.

You get your guidance in whispers, you know that… and those whispers, they lead you to your whirlwind. A fast paced movement throughout your body that you are not familiar with because it has been a long time since you have been in touch with yourself like this. But you are taking action. Inspired action will lead you through the right doors.

You can trust me on that.

Typing …

I am so glad that you are here writing, baby. You are writing, you are expressing the energy, the whirlwind of emotions in a way that is safe and fulfilling to you - that is your greatness.

Be still and know that you are guided, you are one with god in this very moment and in every moment that your trust yourself.

That smile has creeped up upon your face because you know this is the truth and you know that, once again, you I’ve found your way. You have found your path. You have found your calling and your safety.

It is okay.

If it is not okay.

Write, and then it will be okay.

What is your calling, my love? Where can you place your energy when it feels like a whirlwind inside of you?

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