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The rollerskating, melanated quirky-cool mom!

“Mum, look at this!” She said to me, already rolling down a steep slope. She changed her mind, but it was too late. It showed on her face as a sort of silent gasp, that contorted her lips and produced new wrinkles across her face.

I was on skates too and I was rolling backwards, knees in a deep bend, trying to balance myself. My arms were out stretch and I was only an inch away but on skate that I’m learning how to navigate - I was in my weakness as a mother.

I couldn’t catch her - so I prepared myself to be there when she fell.

And fall she did. She forced a fall out of what could have been a good ride. Her fear overtook her, barged her out of her confident stride and sent her crashing to the ground.

It wasn’t that bad, crashing is too strong, let’s say, she had a big bump.

She whinged a bit

I kissed her forehead.

She got up.

I brushed off her tailbone and turned to my other daughter who was also joining us on the slopes, she had been fine on the grass, but as soon as her skate hit the concrete, she has no more control and she needed me.

“Jasmine, you tried to stop yourself on the slope when it was too late,  when you are in motion and going down hill, you have to ride the whole wave.”

I straightened up as I said this, and slowly skated over to Ocean, who was now brining her second leg up onto the concrete slopes.

And through the air, I heard, “mummy look,” again, she was already in motion and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She was halfway down with no intention of stopping - well done girl! When she made it to the bottom of the slope, she leaned back and then fell back again, right on her butt!

A hundred more falls like that and she’ll have it figured out.

In the meantime here’s some FUN FACTS about Rollerskating!

🛼Roller skating or in-line skating is a great way to exercise for people of all ages.

It uses up to 80% of the body’s muscles. 💪🏾

🛼Roller-skating is a great way to improve heart health, strengthen muscles, and burn calories.

🛼Roller skating teaches new skills  - whether you or your little one is just learning to balance or you’re challenging yourself to a new skill, your brain is engaged and happy.

🛼It is a great mindfulness practice, learning a new skill such as skating, keeps you focused on the place you are headed and how you’re moving your body. It’s a great way to be fully engaged in the present.

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