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Life Lately - Reflections on July

In July life moved rapidly, it moved at such a rate that dates appeared and disappeared like shooting stars. It felt, to her, as if a lot of life was spent looking at calendars, crossing off dates and putting in new commitment. It felt like deep presence mixed in with moments of aloofness, sometimes, she was so very clear on what she needed to do because she had just written in on a list, which meant there was no need to store in in her head. But should there be a request for the summoning of such information she'd be frozen to the spot searching through those files in her head before giving up and saying, 'let me check my calendars once I'm back home'.

July was a month of womanhood. While it had been the end of an era - the end of a breastfeeding journey it was also the beginning of loving and accepting herself; her body and her worldly desires. She'd found herself semi-nude and surrounded by other women's bodies. Goddesses draped in nothing but the magic of themselves. The clicking of the camera finally taking in and telling the stories of women's bodies on women's own terms.

Oh she was most proud of that.

July was also a month of motherhood, and honouring the safe womb space she'd so often imagined for herself and for her baby loves and for other mothers and children. The womb energy was represented in the nurturing of the female relationships around her, through opening up The Sanctuary book club, a space for connection and reading, growing and freedom of expression.

July only happened this way because it was also a month of flow - following the flow of life and realising that, while there many be many paths, there are only a few paths that are right and there is only one way to find those right paths. She knew this deep down where her wisdom was stored. She also knew that the way to find that path is to rise each and every morning, and influence the flow of energy around her. That was her only job, for if she got that right, that day ahead would send her signs and feelings of wonder and she would know which situations to stay in and which ones to leave.

She adjusted every day, somedays more powerfully than others and this were her favourite days in July.

If her July had any lessons to leave behind it would be these.

Connection to others around you in the world is where all the value of humanity is.

Drinking water is important and eating well is important.

Your body has a job to do, help it.

You can set yourself up for success.

The secret of success is in your daily habits and routines.

Passion is a story we really subscribe to. BS is a story we don't subscribe to.

Gratitude is everything.

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