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Why I you choosing to homeschool?

I recently have come into the understanding of the effects of mainstream education on children. I am aware that a lot of the most successful and happy people in society are those who were homeschooled. To homeschool means to nurture and teach children in a way that is best suited to them, their unique talents, interests and abilities.

With that being said, there is nothing unique about the system of school. The mainstream school systems push millions of unique, talented and special children in a way that treats and shapes them all the same, resulting in adults who where once upon a time, unique, creative and free but now are not.

How will you work and homeschool?

The ability to homeschool feels difficult because I am not entirely sure how I am going to navigate the world of work and making money while having my children by my side at all times. But more than anything I believe that time will teach me, so it is time to feel the fear and do it anyway. I am excited to figure it out and teach my children the path of business and entrepreneurship from the ages of 3 and 5 years old. They will witness and be involved in our family business as we build it and their homeschool curriculum synergistically from the ground up.

What will you teach them?

I already know that we will use everyday life as the foundation and basis of our curriculum. Lessons will be created within the practice of leading a healthy and well-rounded life and then researching and learning that facts and theories thereafter.

We will be able to learn a range of subject directly from working with people who specialise in their fields, such as swimming instructors, farmers, tour guides, CEOs etc. rather that relying on a few individuals to teach them theoretical knowledge those particular teachers may not be practicing themselves.

But what about their social skills and friends?

They will have a vast range of social situations they will be able to learn from and within. They will have people in their peer-age-groups at group classes, they will have social skills with professional individuals who are adults, they will have experience with people in countries very different to where we currently live and they will have a deeper understanding of what life is really like as an autonomous human being.

What about your social skills and friends?

As a mother working for myself, most of my social skills and friendships happen while I am with my children. I also am surrounded by supportive family who help me take care and educate the girls while I am away - if I need to go away. We will all grow together and the right friendships and social circles will align with our life this way - it is doesn't align then it isn't meant to be in our lives at this moment.

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