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Getting Dressed with Fun and Ease: the game

So I just got both the girls dressed with so much fun and ease.

I can’t wait to teach you this method and art of getting your children dressed with fun and ease... but first, I'd like to tell you the story behind how this lesson was born. Like many parents I once described getting my children dressed as something akin to wresting a little crocodile.


this is typical of how a lot of parent describe getting their children ready on busy mornings, as if they have to wrestle and fight to get their children dressed.


Imagine for a second, that you are both feeling the same way. Your child is fighting against you - their parent to be free in their flow.

You, the parent is fighting against your child - to fulfil you goal to get them dressed and fed by a particular time.

What messaging is that giving ahout the parent child relationship?

What bond is that creating?

What belief is that instilling, within you and within them, about the role of parent and child.

In order to break the bond, to break the chain, of the 'parent against child' way of doing things, parents and children have to work together! but not in a way that feels forced by one or the other, but in a way that is conducive to both.


Set a common goal with the obstacles (getting dressed) as something to do together in order to succeed.



So, there we were, dancing, moving, laughing and getting dressed. it was all of us, against the time on the song. It was a fun team effort thanks to Spotify on Alexa.

It was so exciting watching them laugh and giggle and dance and wriggle that we actually forgot it was us against the clock and the first song ended. That was the perfect time to use the Getting Dressed Game to get us back on track.

“Okay, Okay. So we missed the first song. That is absolutely fine. But Now? We have to get to the end of the next song and be all dressed. Do you think we can do it?”

They’ll say “yes” or “no”.

You’ll say, “let’s see” and start the next round of the game.

Start with some super silly dance moves in order to get them really excited and pulling out their silliest funnest moves. Then pull out the next piece of clothing that needs to go on.

During this activity, you’ll be bonding with your children in a very positive way.

What does bonding actually mean?
Bonding means creating beliefs.
Bonding means creating neurological pathways in your brains which will be stored in your memories.

Since your memories create your beliefs, the bond you will be creating is of the belief that -

I / my parent / my family are happy,

We have fun together,

I feel safe,

I feel loved,

I feel supported,

I feel like I am part of something.

so far a lot of this work has included subconscious ideas, where by the moment and the feeling creates to association. The next part of the game is where you can add even more value on a more conscious level.

A great way to also infuse affirmations directly and intentionally; consciously is to use vocabulary to create associations. You might say, "I’m so happy right now" to infuse the energy and understanding of happiness as spending time together, having fun and being free. While dancing, you may like to say, "I love exercising like this", to infuse the understanding and belief that exercise is loveable and spontaneous.

Remembering that the beliefs you are instilling will go into their subconscious for them to be accessed later you will be more capable of being intentional to give them only the best.

The more moments you have like this, the more ways you will find to infuse fun and ease into all of your daily chores. As your understanding of one another deepens you will learn how best to cater to one another and you will be moving in the direction of unconditional love because you will be creaating similar neurological pathways in both of your brains, you’ll soon begin to operate harmoniously as one (family) unit.



Duration 3-10 minutes / 1 - 3 songs

You will need:

Not In The Mood?

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