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Empowering our children: our plans to home school!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

We’ve taken the decision to reclaim our children’s paths and shape it according to WHO we know them to be, HOW we know they will thrive, and protect them and train them in the areas where we know they will struggle.

They will not get that from school. Schools really do try, they try to maintain control on the classrooms, they try to gauge the comprehension and brilliance of children and help them reach their potential. But as a teacher myself, I know how hard it is to maintain the focus of 30 kids, all of whom have different personalities, different needs but there is o lot 1 teacher and 1 approach. When I was teaching my lessons I spent time look out at a class who were really engaged in what I was saying, they really wanted to delve in deep and emotional explore some more, they wanted to apply what they had learned, to different scenarios. They laughed with me, until tears fell from my eyes and they brought me gifts for now reason. My class where always behind or always getting extra homework, which felt so unfair to them. It felt unfair to me too, to be able to see where these students wanted to focus their attention, but the curriculum wouldn’t allow for it. There was no time out side of this 50 minute lesson. Because we had to move fast. There were exams soon and we had to maintain our status as an Ofsted rated OUTSTANDING school.

At the expense of the children?

Well, yes. Exactly.

I have had experienced being the juvenile delinquent. I have had experience being an outstanding teacher (by my students standards and that means so much to me). And now I am a mother, to children about to go through this system. To be washed, spun, rinsed and hung out to dry.

It may be a brilliant experience that they’re missing out on. It may be, but it is about to be an incredible experience they’re about to have, with people who love them, care for them and want their best more that anyone in the world. If those people are able to shape the life and education of course we would do it!

We’ve got a lot to learn because we both had traditional schooling approaches, and now we’re about to have another. Sqeauls! So so excited.

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