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Blogosphere Awards Interview - 1 year on

1. What inspired you to start sharing parenting content online?

I started sharing parenting content online because I found so much of what my little one was getting up to really funny. I have a tendency to share the things that bring me joy in the hopes they’ll bring others joy. The response I got back was brilliant, my following grew and I just keep on sharing content that is real, that resonates and bring joy.

It really took off when I started sharing my breastfeeding journey. It was quite new to see someone breastfeeding while pregnant and then tandem feeding, people took an interest in that and had so many questions. I’ve been an open book on that subject and encouraging others to do why feels right for them.

2. Do you have a routine with family life and creating content?

Yeah. I work on most of my content when the girls are at nursery or at school. I like to be present with them, when I am with them.

I try to start my day at 6am or 6:30am that’s usually before they wake up, I have some time to myself and what I do changes everyday, but it is usually something uplifting to me, journaling, watching my favourite YouTubers, listening to some music (on low) and I just get into my zone.

I get the girls up, fed and out the door by 8:30.

Then content creation begins, when I get in my groove. To do this, I usually stand in the middle of the living room and ask, “what would you like to do,” and then, whatever I answer, I’d go do it for an hour or two. I film myself doing everything which is the beginning of my content creation process. I really think the freedom and variety every morning brings me so much joy and energy to move onto things on my To Do lists.

By 11 I’m thinking about food and I make myself something healthy, something I’m going to enjoy.

Once I’ve eaten, I slide into my office, at the end of my bed, and I crack down on things I have to do to keep things running smoothly.

After I’ve completed a good few things off my To Do list, I usually start to feel a bit, bored. So I’ll either pack up and take my work to a new environment- I am loving parks at the moment. If I have completed enough (by my own standard) then I go back to my groove and find something else fun to do.

Usually I a going through footage that I have filmed recently, laughing a lot and editing it to create fun little skits and beautiful family vlogs.

I love to start and end my work day with something fun for me, it feels like it is the most helpful zone for me to be in before I a back with my girls and I’m full mum mode.

When the girls are home I really like to be present and open to them, I want there to be a real sense of ‘mummy was always there for us’.

We play or watch a show, do dinner and bath time, and then there’s always a bedtime story before the girls pass out. I film our time together sometimes, and I really cherish this footage and content the most because it really tells the story of how loved we all are.

In the evening I spend time with Bola, it’s really fun to just hang out and laugh about the day. We film these moments too sometimes.

My day ends with some intention about how I want to use the last few moments in the day. I usually meditate or journal or stretch or read or be sensual; I want to connect with my body and be aware of how the energy of the day feels to me. Of course if I’m really tired, ciao.

3. What’s the inspiration behind your red and pink theme on your Instagram feed?

Oh, this started around Valentine’s Day. I was all beige and browns and then, boom! The contrast of the pink and red.

It was, audacious.

It was, daring.

It was, beautiful.

So I bought a few pieces of clothing in these colours and have not been able to stop since. So it shows up in my feed. I’m not sure how long it’ll last but I’ve promised myself to always go with the flow and that’s what this is.

Here’s a helpful spin on that answer:

dressing in one colour or one pair of colours saves you SO MUCH TIME! I’ll walk into a shop and i am guided by the colours, when I’m getting dressed everything goes together and even on days when I’ve just rolled out of bed, I still look so put together. So try it for a week or so and maybe you’ll never look back either.

4. Do you have any advice for parents who are thinking about creating content about family life?

Yes. I’d say go for it.. start right now with what you have and remember that you are the only person who can tell your story authentically, and it is worth being heard.

Don’t just jump on trends. Talk about the things that matter most to you and you will find your tribe, your community, your people who resonate.

Don’t put it off until you have a better camera, lighting etc. work with what you have. When I started I had an iPod! And iPod and I made it work.

Experiment. If you are starting out you may not know what works for you so try different things and see how you feel. Go on with the mindset you may want to change things up regularly until you are completely satisfied. I wish somebody would have told me this, it would have save me so much agg worry about which colours or aesthetic I wanted to work with.

5. Where do you see your online career going in the coming years as your children grow up?

I see my online career really following our journey of joy. I am working on my YouTube Channel so I can share more behind the scenes of real life as a mother and a content creator and I am blurring the lines a little to do so. For example, my most recent YouTube upload was a Realistic House Tour shot from the perspective of my children. I discuss things such as perspectives, how adults and children respond to mess (psst the children can’t see it), I use skit-comedy to address the role of a mother as a cleaner and have a conversation about not being able to do it all, I talk about burn out through a freestyle rap. I do a lot. It’s fun, you should watch it!

But yes, my hope is to build a community driven brand which holds space for real people, real life and happiness. So watch this space.

As always sending everyone, everywhere, love, light and good energy xxx

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