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5 Things to Protect in Life

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

When you leave your car at night, what do you do? You lock it right. Similarly you lock the door on your home and you even lock your phone with a code. You protect so many things in life already but what are the most important ones to you?

Here are my 5 most important things to protect

  1. Your body the inside and the outside

  2. Your mind

  3. Your relationships

  4. The planet

  5. Our children

Your body: the inside

you need to know that what you eat is broken up into tiny little particles. Each particle acts like a drug to your body, some particles add fat, some particles release toxins, some particles trigger allergies.

You need to know and what is happening to you, in order to take real control. So to do that you have to do the research, try out different things for periods of time to see if they make and improvement.

Your body: the outside

you need to know how to protect your body from the outside, from the way you talk about it and allow others to talk about it, through to the way you feed it and move it, and how it is responding to what you do.

Your mind

The mind is the connection to the world, your inner self and your concept of God. You can train it in similar ways you can train the body. You must protect the health and well-being of the mind at all other costs. If you lose control of the mind, you also lose control of the body.

Your relationships

Connection is the key to life, it is the reason why we are all here, to connect the dots. To connect to one another, to connect to ourselves, to connect to a positive experience of life. Your relationships are one of the things you take for granted, and that is because we have never been taught that we should protect our relationships.

How can you protect your relationship?

Treat each relationship as sacred. Other peoples time and presence is so special. Focus on that more than you focus on abstract things that pop up all too frequently.

The Planet

We only have one, and if it really is in danger then shouldn’t we change the strategy! Shouldn’t we go backwards a few steps if we have to and figure out from their. In a much more healthy manner.

You know, the healthier the planet, the healthier our lives.

Our Children

Even better than all of this is teaching our children how to protect themselves, their bodies, their minds and their planet.

The sooner a generation of people understand that these are the important things in life to be taken care of, the better for the all of us. The better for the vibration and the intention of each individual then better the vibration of the community, the city, the country and on and on.

So go forth, sweet friends, and protect the most valuable things on your life.

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