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12 daily rituals and habits to boost positive energy

When you're beginning to feel a lag in energy, what do you do to help you boost it? is something I ask when people tell me, they're just too tired to keep going.

The belief that when you are feeling tired, you should just lie down and give in to the lethargy is not actually helpful. I prefer the belief that if there are always ways to boost positive energy, they all we need to do is find the right ones for you, implement them and offf away you go feeling more energised,

Here are my 12 personal favourite ways to boost positive energy in those moments when you just don't feel like it. These are all really simple, but when infused with intention they can become powerful rituals* you can use to shape your day.

  1. Make your bed

  2. Open your curtains

  3. Open your window

  4. Take deep breaths

  5. Move your body in a way that feels good

  6. Hydrate with water

  7. Enjoy your morning pee

  8. Journal

  9. Eat Breakfast

  10. Tidy up as you go

  11. Listen to something positive

  12. Create a plan for your day

While you do each of these things, think about the new energy that you are welcoming into your home and into your day. How you are going to use it to shape your day?

Powerful Rituals

I open the window and give thanks for a new day, and allow myself to set the mindset that, 'no matter how today goes, I will do my best to keep focused, intentional and compassionate'.

Doing this once is great - but turning this combination of opening the window and using the energy of the fresh air to remind me to set a positive intention about how I wish to show up in the world today - means that I get to show up as my best self more often.

With each of these habits practice a little bit of gratitude and intention and you will cast magical spells all over your day. You'll notice the magic when it shows ups and ... you'll feel proud, inspired and motivated to keep going.

If you try out any of the suggestions in this post, please drop me a direct message or an email to let me know how you get on. I really want to know, so I can continue to support you. Did it help you? What good intentions did you set?

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