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Who Is Chaneen Saliee?

I am a highly sensitive, yet down to earth, person who is attuned to the beautiful and subtle nature of life, I find beauty in all people I get to connect with on a meaningful level, I am incredibly creative and I can turn almost anything into a fun song - especially if I am in the mood for it. I am excited about learning and expanding everyday, I am very spiritual and I think everyone should be free to be themselves. So this is a safe space for you.


I started blogging and writing poetry in 2013 when I had a lot of feelings about life and moving away from home and really needed a place to make senses of them. The real momentum of my beautiful and inspiring online presence happened when I had my first daughter and began making my own breastfeeding clothes.


Now, I show up authentically everyday as a creative, working mother and connect in solidarity with other women. I am a teacher, writer, mental health advocate, breastfeeding advocate and an empowerment coach.



To create a safe and uplifting space for women to come and retreat, snacks and beverages in hand. This place will be extra special for mothers to learn and feel seen at the same time.  

You come, snacks in hand, you stay a while, learn or experience something and when you leave, you are better of than when you first came. 


I see it.

I want it. 

I create it. 

It is!

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